How to become a great gamer

With eSports now officially a globally-accepted sport, the public is taking gaming more seriously. Playing slots with wild symbols is undoubtedly a lot easier than mastering Call of Duty, but the latter requires certain skills than the former does not. Anyone can become a great gamer but it does not happen overnight. It is not impossible but doable.


Just like any regular career, the starting point is to be passionate about it. Passion is necessary as you will find yourself putting in copious amounts of time perfecting your craft. If you have passion, you won’t mind the hours because you enjoy what you do.

Put in the hours

Apart from passion, it is imperative to put in the hours to keep on improving. When you have a particular game genre or specific game you wish to perfect, best to start from the easy levels and work your way up. If there is a single and multiplayer mode, start with the former and finish the levels there before moving to the latter. As the cliche goes, practice makes perfect.


If you are really keen on improving your game, watch videos of other players playing the game and get tips from them. Take note of reviews or comments of professionals, anything that may be useful for you to improve your game. YouTube is not the only video source, sites like also stream competitive games.

Tournaments and competitions

Once you have gained enough know-how, test your skills by participating in tournaments or gaming competitions. Competing will help you keep up with the trends. You do not have to win every time. Losing need not be devastating. There is always a teaching point in every loss. Use every loss to learn something from it and become better.

Once you start playing competitively, it would be great if you could record yourself playing. This way, you get to review your moves and analyze them. Nothing beats hindsight as a way to learn from your mistakes. As you keep on learning from your mistakes, the more your game will improve.

Get the best gaming gear

Since you devote a lot of time playing, it would make it a lot easier if you use comfortable gear and hardware as you perfect your craft. Start with using an ergonomic chair that gives proper head and back support. There are gaming keyboards and gaming mice that are designed to reduce stress on your wrists. While they may slightly improve your game, reducing physical stress on your joints and body will definitely help you endure the hours you devote to playing.

After spending hours on end improving your game, it is still quite essential to rest well in between. You cannot stay focused if you are tired. And if you are tired, you cannot become better.

Apart from the above, there are technical aspects in becoming a great gamer. Whatever career you wish to pursue, it is also important to have a good support system behind you.