Clothes are one of the basic needs of the individual. It is for this reason clothing stores have been put up. In this day and age of Internet, online stores have supplemented physical stores for those who are unable to actually go to the stores. Hot Topic is one of the most popular online clothing stores in the world. It specializes in music and pop culture-inspired fashion and accessories which caters mainly too teenagers. Besides Hot Topic, here are five other online clothing stores to visit.

Blue Banana

Started in 1997, Blue Banana specializes in non-mainstream clothing and accessories or alternative fashion. These are clothing and accessories inspired by punk, rock, goth and street styles. Besides clothes, they offer items to help you achieve the above-mentioned looks such as hair dyes, make-up and even piercings. They also have pop culture-themes clothes and items from baseball caps to t-shirts. Blue Banana has a link that allows you to track your orders and have a Return and Exchange Policy and they state that they will charge you shipping costs which will be deducted from the refund.



Started in 2002, this site specializes in music-inspired clothing and accessories such as punk, rock, metal, and indie. Besides clothes and accessories, they also carry CD’s, digital downloads, cassette tapes, vinyl records, posters and other music paraphernalia. They have a link for various services such as Art/Artist Service, Custom Garments, Tour Merchandise; T-Shirt and Poster Printing, and Ticketing Services for concerts and they can help you get VIP access too. Though based mainly in the United States, they have stores in Australia and Europe.


Rock Rebel

As the name suggests, they carry rock-inspired clothing and accessories for both men and women. Starting in 2003, Rock Rebel has been making clothes and accessories for rock enthusiasts of all kinds – Rock and Roll, Punk Rock, Rockabilly, and Psychobilly. But they do not only cater to rock lovers, they also offer stuff to geeks who are into comic books, monsters, and horror films. They have licenses from firms like Universal Films, and Lucasfilm to make these products so you can be sure there are no knockoffs.



Spencer’s started out as a mail-order company in 1947 and it was not until 1963 they opened a physical store. By the 2000s and like any other establishments, Spencer’s has also joined the Digital Age by going online. Offering clothes and accessories, their target market are the late teens and young adults (18-24 years old). They offer not only mainstream items but also quirky ones as well for geeks such as superhero-themed clothes. They also offer other merchandise such as body jewelry (piercings), naughty stuff, gifts and gags and other party treats.



Whereas Hot Topic caters to teens, Plasticland’s target market are adults. But not just adults, it is the quirky ones. The sort who want to be different from the mainstream. Founded in 2001, their goal is to encourage individuals to be unique and date to be different, to stand out from the crowd and this is what they offer through their merchandise. Specifically, they offer Kitsch curiosities and Retro clothing from independent designers such as Rock Steady, Loungefly, Tulle Clothing and many more.


Casino games are fun and to a certain extent, competitive that it makes you want to bring out your best as you are driven by that desire to win. But when money becomes involved, it is a different story. The gambling bug is probably the most dangerous affliction to come to you, most especially at the stage where you feel the urge to chase your losses by gambling some more with the hopes of regaining money. This in turn may affect your lifestyle, thus making gambling “sinful.”

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Of course, this is not true. It is the addiction that is “evil” and the best way to prevent that from happening is by playing in moderation, where the idea is to control your money. Here are tips to ensure it.

  1. Set a limited amount you can spend on gambling on a weekly basis. When you go to a casino or gambling site, take only that set amount and do not touch the rest. Stick to that all the time.
  2. In relation to the first one, only bet what you can afford to lose. Once you lose all your money, that is your cue to stop. Go home, take the time off and play another day once you have built up a budget for it again. As mentioned before, never touch money allotted to other expenses.
  3. Whatever you do, do not borrow money for gambling purposes. We all know gambling is a game of chance and there is no guarantee you will win big, which translates into paying back the creditor. This may get you into bigger trouble, especially if you borrow money from loan sharks who are not forgiving if you cannot pay them back right away.
  4. Find someone you can trust to help you manage your money, whether it is a relative or friend. You may want to surrender your credit cards or cash cards to them.
  5. Set up automatic payments for the bills you pay and withdraw the amount of money you will need for that purpose.
  6. If you can or with the help of someone, keep a record of your gambling. Keep track of the dates and times you gamble and your net wins and losses. This may prove useful if it comes to a point you may seek counseling.
  7. Limit your playing time. Regardless if you win or lose, when your time is up, leave the casino or log out if you are playing online. It is very tempting to want to win more if you are on a roll or regain your losses. The adage “quit while you’re ahead” rings very true.
  8. When you gamble, make sure you are sober. Do not drink alcohol while playing, which may affect your judgment. This could heighten your addiction so avoid it.

All in all, the idea here is to control your addiction to ensure you will have a healthy lifestyle and maintain stable relationships. Addiction is what makes gambling “dangerous” to you.

Traveling and holidays are so much fun. One main reason is this is the time when you can relax and unwind, do anything and everything you want to do. If you need a little help funding your trip, see how Opa Locka title loans can help you. Sometimes, people use holidays as an excuse to forget about their diets and exercise routine. Since staying healthy should be a lifestyle and an established habit, it should not be the case. Besides, who said staying healthy while traveling should be boring or unpleasant? 


When going on a road trip, it is a lot easier to stay healthy with these easy tips.  

Pack healthy snacks 

One advantage when going on a road trip and having your own vehicle is you can bring and pack your own food. Bringing your own meals and snacks not only saves you money and time on the road, it also helps you have better food choices. Instead of stopping by a convenience store and grabbing junk food, it is better to pack pre-cut fruits and vegetables, trail mix, overnight oats with fruits, yogurt, sandwiches, or wraps. These will give you the energy you need for the trip and will not make you feel sluggish. It is a misconception to eat sweets (e.g. candy, chocolates) on a road trip. You can get the rush and be wide awake but watch out for the sluggishness that follows after.  


Drink a lot of water  

Contrary to popular belief, drinking soda or energy drinks can cause dehydration and may spike your blood sugar levels. To keep everything on an even keel, opt for water instead. Water keeps you hydrated and maintains the ideal core body temperature. When you are properly hydrated, you do not lose your focus and you do not easily lose your temper.  


Put on sunscreen 

This is self-explanatory. Even though you are inside a vehicle, the sun’s rays can still harm your skin, unless your car is equipped with UV protection glass windows. Car windows can block UVB but not UVA, except for car windshields. To prevent skin damage from cumulative sun exposure, slather on sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and reapply every two hours.  


Stretch and move during the entire journey 

Common complaints after a long drive are muscle soreness or cramps. To prevent these from happening, during the drive, you can stretch your muscles while sitting down. You can do neck rolls, stretch your torso upwards, or squeeze your abs and glutes. You can sync these movements as you listen to music in the car. It is also best to shift your position from time to time. When you have pit stops, make the most of it by stretching your legs by walking around. Once you have warmed up your muscles, look for a place where you can do quick, short sprints. This will immediately wake you up and give you the focus and energy for the next leg of the trip. 


Make sure you enjoy your road trip by staying healthy during the trip. 


Video games are all the rage in the 21st century. Everyone you meet plays a video game or two. The video game industry has become an 81.5 billion dollar market. Young and old alike are hooked. Many people are worried about video games because it promotes a sedentary lifestyle and does not encourage interpersonal interactions. But scientific research has proven otherwise. Scientists found that playing video games has mental health benefits, ie cognitive benefits.  

Wii Sports

Each video game has mental and physical benefits. Take Wii Sports and Wii Sports on Wii Fit and sports games. These games simulate the actual physical movements of playing the sport, minus the injury. Playing these virtual sports games is better than just sitting on the couch. 

 Puzzle Games

World of Warcraft is one of the highest grossing video game franchises or all time. It is popular because of the variety of game play. Elderly people who played this game for at least 2 hours a day for 2 weeks showed marked improvement in cognitive focus and spatial ability. As players complete quests in the game, it encourages eye-hand coordination, focus, spatial attention, process visual and auditory information quickly, which lead to decision-making and problem-solving. It also trains the brain to remember, which in turn boosts memory. I bet Blackjack on  casino websites  also improves focus and decision-making. 

Who knew that simple puzzle games like Bookworm encourage word recall and memory. Angry Birds, on the other hand, improves calculation and estimation. In addition, the East Carolina University study alludes that playing games 30 minutes a day can reduce the symptoms of  clinical depression  and anxiety. 

Memory is sharpened through 3D platform games like Super Mario 3D World. This is corroborated by a University of Montreal study, a Cambridge University study, and the UK’s Medical Research Council study. Such games are able to defer the onset of  dementia . Even games that require remembering details definitely help enhance one’s memory.  


Now, there are video games that are played alone and there are video games that require multiple players. The latter child encourages social interaction. A study conducted by Columbia University researchers found out that these games build social skills, especially in the mentally impaired. Games like Rock Band requires playing with other players, thus encouraging teamwork. Ditto for World of Warcraft, being a multiplayer game. You may be halfway around the world, it still promotes teamwork, which requires social skills. 


A caveat though. Even though research is slowly proving the benefits of playing video games, anything that is excessive is detrimental to our health. Video gaming excessively may lead to mental health disorders. Playing video games should be done in moderation and should be mixed with other physical and social activities. 


Many people have gone gaga over all forms of gambling. Some have lost their entire fortune on them and some became overnight millionaires. With lotteries left and right, with millions of prizes at stake, what are the chances that you will win the jackpot?

Sure, the prizes are so enticing, with the Powerball jackpot at USD 570 million and the Mega Millions at USD 450 million. Of course, the more tickets you buy, the more chances of winning. But did you know that your chances are 1 in 292 million and 1 in 302.5 million for the Powerball and Mega Millions respectively? You are more likely to be killed by a shark, with a 1:1.9 million probability. Don’t like these odds? You can also try the online casino jackpot. Sure, the jackpot price is lower compared to the Powerball en Mega Millions, but the chances of you winning is a lot higher.

If you are still determined to play with Lady Luck, you can keep these tips in mind:

Have your favorite numbers and play them consistently

If you feel “good” about a certain set of numbers, bet on them, not only once but several times, over a period of time. You can even change the set or order, just to spread the chances of winning more. And don’t be confined to birthdays. That limits your number choice to 31. Go beyond that.

Be cautious when getting Quick Picks

Some regular winners say Quick Picks increase your chances of winning, while others preach the opposite. The thing about Quick Picks is that the numbers are generated by a computer and they may contain different sets of numbers, which increases the odds of losing.

Know your limits

Gambling can be addicting. There is always this feeling of “what if.” It is best to establish a given budget for it. As long as you don’t use your grocery money, rent money, school money, and only use your allotted budget, you’ll be fine. Be careful not to be caught by lottery fever. You can also ask someone you trust to keep you in check in case it becomes difficult for you to control your urges and already have a tendency to go over your budget.

Just remember that if you think you can rely on the lottery for your retirement or that college fund or money to buy a new house, you have another thing coming. You cannot rely on the lottery to get you out of debt or get you your needs and wants. Just think of it as a casual way to enjoy yourself. Just have fun with it. Just don’t bet your bottom dollar on it.