Lamy Fountain pen: Imagine waking up in the morning and having an almost groundbreaking idea that could change your life. Even before you step into the shower, it could be out of control! Hold it tightly and don’t let it go: it will find a cozy spot in a notebook until the time is right to put it into action.

Of course, you can also write thoughts and inspirations with a fountain pen by LAMY on the back of shopping lists or beer mats. But they’re probably more stylish and in better hands on one of the 176 pages of our notebook, available in A4 or A5.

Let your imagination blossom

Warning, writing with a Lamy pen or Lamy Fountain pen of notebooks can be addictive! Thought avalanches flowing on their pages can be dangerous even for digital natives. We recommend always having a pen on hand so you don’t spill good ideas.

It is advisable to preemptively purchase several notebooks, to fulfill your writing needs with your favorite fountain pen from For example, one with an abstract patterned cover for all kinds of thoughtless ideas, one with a motivational caption for to-do lists and plans and one on which the most beautiful blossoms and leaves intertwine your diary entries and dreams.

Open the slightly flexible, semi-matte printed cardboard cover of your notebook. Blank pages await you and your thoughts that want to flirt with your handwriting.

stationery junkies among themselves

Do you draw, fantasize or plan better on spotless white blank paper, on subtle dots or structuring lines? Maybe there’s the right notebook line for you, too, for every thought worth writing down by hand?

You wouldn’t be the only one with that – just as you wouldn’t be a self-proclaimed office needs people who can’t get past notebooks, notepads, pens and other stationery without expanding his collection. While others are only just rediscovering the quality of what is handwritten, you are already enjoying the full range of possible uses in appointment planners, on greetings or postcards and many other paper beauties.

microphone, headset and computer

How do you get started with podcasting? A simple question with a simple answer: Just start! Time has taught us that the biggest reason for people not to podcast is because they don’t know how to start. Starting with podcasting sounds like a daunting task until you realize that podcasting is not that difficult. In this article, we’ll show you what equipment and software you need to start recording your first episode.

A descent microphone

How do you record a podcast episode? For that, you need equipment of course. You can start with your smartphone or invest in a descent microphone right away. If you are willing to invest, start by investing in a decent microphone first. Audio is of course the most important thing in podcasting. What kind of microphone do you need? Do you only record audio via your computer or your phone, or do you want to combine the two? When only recording on your computer, choose a USB microphone, when only recording on your smartphone, choose a microphone with a 3.5 jack connector. If you have an iPhone, make sure it is compatible. The Rode Smartlav + is available for iPhone and Android.

Software to clean-up the recording

You’ve put your new microphone to good use and recorded your first episode. Now it’s time to edit the raw recordings. Make sure you have intro music and a spoken intro and outro recording ready. Now you can use Audacity to edit your recording into a podcast episode! By dragging the right files into Audacity you can start editing. Cut the parts of your recording you don’t want to use and drag and drop the audio tracks so there is a clear order in your podcast episode.

Automated Transcriptions

You should also provide transcripts to your audience. The best way to do it is to convert your podcast audio file to text. You can do this with automatic transcription software that converts mp3 tot text. Doing this will make your podcast more accessible to different audiences. Help people with hearing problems access your content. It’s a great way to get more subscribers and grow your following!

Hosting and Publishing

To post your podcast online, you need a podcast host. There are a lot of hosting services like Soundcloud, Libsyn, Blubrry, Podbean, Simplecast, … Though a lot of hosting platforms allow you to publish your content directly on various podcast directories, you must be aware of certain popular podcast publishers. When people browse for podcasts on iTunes or Spotify, they only see the content that has been added to the directory. You only need to add your show to the directory once. From there, whenever you add new episodes, the RSS feed and the directories will update automatically. Though most directories only need one episode on your RSS feed, you must add at least 5 to create a good first impression. If someone listens to one of your podcasts and likes it, you must have enough content to encourage them to listen more and subscribe to your channel. As soon as you have your first podcast online, you’ll see that you’ll be motivated by the response you get to your podcast! Of course, you need to make sure that people know your podcast is online. Post some messages on Facebook, Twitter and your website and let everyone know you’re ready to conquer the world of podcasting!


Everybody wants to be famous. Who would not want to be mobbed by multitudes of people for selfies and autographs? Rub elbows with the equally rich and famous? Here are pointers on how you can achieve the fame you seek.

Find Your Path

There are many paths to choose from. Perhaps the most basic and probably the very vital factor is to stand out above the rest. You need to make yourself unique, find something that will set you apart from the others and capitalize on that.

Nowadays, a lot of people join reality shows like Big Brother, The X Factor, Got Talent, etc. For the lucky or very dedicated ones, this may instantly catapult you to fame, if you play your cards right. Make the wrong moves or play it safe, you could be eliminated. In the talent shows, you will be expected to give it your 100% every time you take the stage. The judges and even the voting public will see that and your fate is in their hands.

If you cannot enter these shows, you can post a video of yourself on YouTube or social media showcasing your talent. That is how Justin Bieber got discovered. Who knows, maybe someone will notice and give you that break?

Do Not Fear Failure

Do not be afraid to fail. There will be obstacles, setbacks, heartbreaks and failures along the way. You might not even pass on your first audition or lose in your first contest. But those who are determined will not quit, and end up on Taddlr‘s celeb list.  They will keep trying and no matter how many times they fail, they will keep on doing so until they succeed. Even those who are famous, at some point, they will fail. The stronger ones will pick themselves up and move on, even if it means starting over again. Keep in mind though that every time they fail, they learn something and carry it forward. This is how they succeed.

This is how to become famous. If will not come easy. You must be prepared for the obstacles that lie ahead. You must not only have the talent but be ready to persevere and not quit if things go bad.

People can’t seem to get enough of Game of Thrones like movies set in the middle-ages or fantasy or war movies that have medieval feel about, even though they are about fictional words. 2018 & 2019 saw a great bunch of medieval movies (& tv shows for that matter). We have listed the best ones for you coming out in Cinema and on Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime.


From American director Julius Avery and from the screenplay of Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith comes Overlord, a drama thriller. The movie came out on November 9, 2018, through Paramount Pictures, and earned USD 33 million worldwide. This is about American paratroopers whose mission is to destroy a German communication tower before D-Day. But they discover something heinous the Nazis are working on. As they try to save their comrades and fulfill their mission, they need to operate under the radar. JJ Abrams produces, along with Lindsey Weber, under his Bad Robot Productions.

It’s now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

The Kid Who Would be King

English director Joe Cornish writes and directs the adventure film The Kid who would be King. Set for release in January and February 2019 in the US and the UK respectively, it stars Louis Ashbourne Serkis and Patrick Stewart. And now available for streaming via Vudu. It is produced and will be released by 20th Century Fox. Serkis plays Alex, a young schoolboy who finds himself pulling Excalibur from the stone. Stewart plays Merlin (Angus Imrie plays the young Merlin), who has to help Alex build his knights of the round table so they could all fight and defeat Morgana.


The Outlaw King (Netfix)

David Mackenzie co-writes, produces, and directs the historical action drama, The Outlaw King. Chris Pine (who actually caused a strange controversy) headlines as Robert Bruce, the son of a lord who leads a revolt against King Edward I. He was crowned King of the Scots as a deal with the clergy. King Edward, learning of his plans, calls him an outlaw. The movie, released by Netflix in November 2018, first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2018. Pine is supported by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Plugh, and Billy Howle. It was produced for USD 120 million. Upon release, it received mixed reviews from critics and the public alike.



US-based Dutch filmmaker Roel Reine brings to life the story of the medieval king of Frisia, Redbad. It stars Gijs Naber as Redbad. From the screenplay of Alex van Galen, Reine co-produces the film with Klaas de Jong. Farmhouse Film and TV produced the movie for USD 9 million and Splendid Film distributed the movie. The movie rights were sold to various European and Asian countries, including the US. The movie came out in June 2018, during World Cup fever, in the Netherlands but only grossed around USD 483,000. The movie also received negative reviews and was panned by critics for its historical inaccuracies, slow pace, inappropriate dialogue, and heavy drama.

With eSports now officially a globally-accepted sport, the public is taking gaming more seriously. Playing slots with wild symbols is undoubtedly a lot easier than mastering Call of Duty, but the latter requires certain skills than the former does not. Anyone can become a great gamer but it does not happen overnight. It is not impossible but doable.


Just like any regular career, the starting point is to be passionate about it. Passion is necessary as you will find yourself putting in copious amounts of time perfecting your craft. If you have passion, you won’t mind the hours because you enjoy what you do.

Put in the hours

Apart from passion, it is imperative to put in the hours to keep on improving. When you have a particular game genre or specific game you wish to perfect, best to start from the easy levels and work your way up. If there is a single and multiplayer mode, start with the former and finish the levels there before moving to the latter. As the cliche goes, practice makes perfect.


If you are really keen on improving your game, watch videos of other players playing the game and get tips from them. Take note of reviews or comments of professionals, anything that may be useful for you to improve your game. YouTube is not the only video source, sites like also stream competitive games.

Tournaments and competitions

Once you have gained enough know-how, test your skills by participating in tournaments or gaming competitions. Competing will help you keep up with the trends. You do not have to win every time. Losing need not be devastating. There is always a teaching point in every loss. Use every loss to learn something from it and become better.

Once you start playing competitively, it would be great if you could record yourself playing. This way, you get to review your moves and analyze them. Nothing beats hindsight as a way to learn from your mistakes. As you keep on learning from your mistakes, the more your game will improve.

Get the best gaming gear

Since you devote a lot of time playing, it would make it a lot easier if you use comfortable gear and hardware as you perfect your craft. Start with using an ergonomic chair that gives proper head and back support. There are gaming keyboards and gaming mice that are designed to reduce stress on your wrists. While they may slightly improve your game, reducing physical stress on your joints and body will definitely help you endure the hours you devote to playing.

After spending hours on end improving your game, it is still quite essential to rest well in between. You cannot stay focused if you are tired. And if you are tired, you cannot become better.

Apart from the above, there are technical aspects in becoming a great gamer. Whatever career you wish to pursue, it is also important to have a good support system behind you.