Lamy fountain pen for your notebook

Lamy Fountain pen: Imagine waking up in the morning and having an almost groundbreaking idea that could change your life. Even before you step into the shower, it could be out of control! Hold it tightly and don’t let it go: it will find a cozy spot in a notebook until the time is right to put it into action.

Of course, you can also write thoughts and inspirations with a fountain pen by LAMY on the back of shopping lists or beer mats. But they’re probably more stylish and in better hands on one of the 176 pages of our notebook, available in A4 or A5.

Let your imagination blossom

Warning, writing with a Lamy pen or Lamy Fountain pen of notebooks can be addictive! Thought avalanches flowing on their pages can be dangerous even for digital natives. We recommend always having a pen on hand so you don’t spill good ideas.

It is advisable to preemptively purchase several notebooks, to fulfill your writing needs with your favorite fountain pen from For example, one with an abstract patterned cover for all kinds of thoughtless ideas, one with a motivational caption for to-do lists and plans and one on which the most beautiful blossoms and leaves intertwine your diary entries and dreams.

Open the slightly flexible, semi-matte printed cardboard cover of your notebook. Blank pages await you and your thoughts that want to flirt with your handwriting.

stationery junkies among themselves

Do you draw, fantasize or plan better on spotless white blank paper, on subtle dots or structuring lines? Maybe there’s the right notebook line for you, too, for every thought worth writing down by hand?

You wouldn’t be the only one with that – just as you wouldn’t be a self-proclaimed office needs people who can’t get past notebooks, notepads, pens and other stationery without expanding his collection. While others are only just rediscovering the quality of what is handwritten, you are already enjoying the full range of possible uses in appointment planners, on greetings or postcards and many other paper beauties.