How to find a name & address using a mobile number

Tons of services online can be used to track the name & address of a person down by using their mobile number. These cell number look-up services can be free or paid services. The paid ones usually charge you a small fee for doing a search in their database, and usually have a money-back guarantee. So if you are really desperate to find someone’s name and address why not quickly try a free one first, and they continue with a paid service.

Step 1

Websites you can try:


These websites do a reverse-search based on mobile numbers (normal phone books are the other way around, you look up a name to find a cell number)

Step 2

All websites have a similar phone number field. Enter the cell number of the person you want to get the name and address from.

Step 3

Press enter, and await your results. Most databases will give you a complete home address, his or hame. Often they will also have additional information, like the address’s land line number.

No luck?

Be creative and head over to Google’s Search Engine. Just enter the phone number in there – do it within ” “, and if there is any document online with that number, it will point you in the right direction.
What else do you know about the person that is calling you?  Do you know where he or she works? Or if is he or she associated with any other organization? Try looking for that companies personnel profiles etc etc. Contact details are often included.