Top Five Online Clothing Stores

Clothes are one of the basic needs of the individual. It is for this reason clothing stores have been put up. In this day and age of Internet, online stores have supplemented physical stores for those who are unable to actually go to the stores. Hot Topic is one of the most popular online clothing stores in the world. It specializes in music and pop culture-inspired fashion and accessories which caters mainly too teenagers. Besides Hot Topic, here are five other online clothing stores to visit.

Blue Banana

Started in 1997, Blue Banana specializes in non-mainstream clothing and accessories or alternative fashion. These are clothing and accessories inspired by punk, rock, goth and street styles. Besides clothes, they offer items to help you achieve the above-mentioned looks such as hair dyes, make-up and even piercings. They also have pop culture-themes clothes and items from baseball caps to t-shirts. Blue Banana has a link that allows you to track your orders and have a Return and Exchange Policy and they state that they will charge you shipping costs which will be deducted from the refund.



Started in 2002, this site specializes in music-inspired clothing and accessories such as punk, rock, metal, and indie. Besides clothes and accessories, they also carry CD’s, digital downloads, cassette tapes, vinyl records, posters and other music paraphernalia. They have a link for various services such as Art/Artist Service, Custom Garments, Tour Merchandise; T-Shirt and Poster Printing, and Ticketing Services for concerts and they can help you get VIP access too. Though based mainly in the United States, they have stores in Australia and Europe.


Rock Rebel

As the name suggests, they carry rock-inspired clothing and accessories for both men and women. Starting in 2003, Rock Rebel has been making clothes and accessories for rock enthusiasts of all kinds – Rock and Roll, Punk Rock, Rockabilly, and Psychobilly. But they do not only cater to rock lovers, they also offer stuff to geeks who are into comic books, monsters, and horror films. They have licenses from firms like Universal Films, and Lucasfilm to make these products so you can be sure there are no knockoffs.



Spencer’s started out as a mail-order company in 1947 and it was not until 1963 they opened a physical store. By the 2000s and like any other establishments, Spencer’s has also joined the Digital Age by going online. Offering clothes and accessories, their target market are the late teens and young adults (18-24 years old). They offer not only mainstream items but also quirky ones as well for geeks such as superhero-themed clothes. They also offer other merchandise such as body jewelry (piercings), naughty stuff, gifts and gags and other party treats.



Whereas Hot Topic caters to teens, Plasticland’s target market are adults. But not just adults, it is the quirky ones. The sort who want to be different from the mainstream. Founded in 2001, their goal is to encourage individuals to be unique and date to be different, to stand out from the crowd and this is what they offer through their merchandise. Specifically, they offer Kitsch curiosities and Retro clothing from independent designers such as Rock Steady, Loungefly, Tulle Clothing and many more.