Lucifer is the most recent series of the supernatural genre to appear on Netflix. The story revolves on the Lord of Hell himself with a twist. He chose to be among the living after being bored of ruling Hell and ended up helping solve crimes. Such plots are the “in” thing now where they have to work, not merely rely on their mythos. Here are five other series of the same genre.


This is one series you cannot exclude from this list. The series centers on the Winchester Brothers Sam and Dean (played respectively by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) who possess supernatural abilities which they use to hunt down various supernatural creatures as they travel across the country looking for their father. In later seasons, they took on more powerful demons, including Lucifer himself. Producers keep finding ways to keep the story interesting just when everyone thinks it is over when Lucifer was vanquished.


This is based on the DC comic book and film adaptation that starred Keanu Reeves (Stream it here). In the series, the title character (played by Matt Ryan) is an exorcist and master of occult whose line of work is hunting and taking down supernatural entities. While it looks noble, the protagonist has issues to contend by struggling with the sins of the past. The reason why he goes about kicking demonic butt is to attain redemption from eternal damnation. Constantine would also appear in Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow (as a crossover).


What makes this series different from the above-mentioned series is it has a comedic element. It is about a slacker with a dead-end job named Sam Oliver who becomes the Devil’s bounty hunter or “Reaper” as a result of his parents’ deal with the devil before he was born. As the Reaper, he is tasked to hunt down souls that escaped from Hell and send them back. What makes the story funny is Sam’s lifestyle and the way he catches these souls using innocent-looking objects. This series provides a fresh concept apart from similar series that are too serious and ominous.

The Dresden Files

This series is based on the fantasy book series by Jim Butcher. It centers on Harry Dresden a wizard and private detective. He puts his magical and detective skills to use as a consultant to the Chicago Police Department who turns to him for assistance in solving crimes that are unusual and defies reasoning. In this case, the cops in the series know the crime involves the mysterious and unbelievable and they know Harry is a wizard which is the reason why they tapped his services because he is the one who can help shed light to things they barely understand. It is a case of Harry Potter meets Sherlock Holmes.

Pushing Daisies

This is a fantasy-mystery-comedy drama about a guy named Ned (played by Lee Pace) who has the power to bring people back to life with a touch. But the catch is whenever he does, somebody else will die as a form of balance (if the person is revived for more than a minute). Another is if he touches a resurrected person again, they die again and can never be brought back to life. A private detective named Emerson Cod strikes up a deal with Ned by using his powers to help solve murders and profit from it. Another plot is Ned’s relationship with his childhood sweetheart Chuck who died. He resurrects her but could not touch her for fear of losing her for good.

TV shows and movies set in the Middle Ages can be entertaining as well as educational of sorts. In the latter part, they can provide a shortcut or easy way to understand History during that period though this cannot substitute for real references (not to mention artistic license). Some of them border on fantasy, incorporating mythical creatures. Some of them are even more in the science fiction realm.  Here are five of the must-see TV shows on Netflix for 2019 set in the Middle Ages.

The Witcher

The series is based on the book series of the same name by Andrej Sapkowski. If there is one reason you would want to watch The Witcher, especially if you are fans of Superman or Justice League, it is the lead actor Henry Cavill. Cavill trades the cape and tights for armor as he becomes a Geralt of Rivia, the monster hunter who tries to find his place in a world where humankind are more savage the monsters he kills.


This is a historical fiction drama series originally aired on History. Among its cast members are Mark Hamill, Tom Cullen, and Simon Merrells. Filmed on location in Croatia and the Czech Republic, the series recounts the history of the Knights Templar. They were a special order of knights created in the 12th century during the Crusades. They were given recognition by the Pope who was impressed by their strong devotion to the faith and their bravery in battle. But they were more than just warriors, they were the early form of businessmen who developed skills in finance that made them the envy of many, especially King Philip IV of France who orchestrated their persecution. The side story here is their quest for the Holy Grail.


Also from History, the series is inspired by the story of Ragnar Lothbrok who started from humble beginnings to become leader of the Vikings. In later seasons, the series follows the exploits of his sons as they venture further out to distant lands outside Scandinavia. The series stars Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Jessalyn Gilsig among others. Some critics compare it to Game of Thrones (GoT) though Vikings does not have GoT’s narrative ambition and does not have complex characters.


When one mentions Merlin, it is quickly associated with King Arthur and Camelot. It stars Bradley James as King Arthur and Colin Morgan in the title role. The reimagined series is set in the time the two characters are young and are contemporaries. In this story, magic is forbidden in Camelot imposed by none other than Arthur’s father Uther Pendragon. Merlin is forced to keep his powers a secret. The shows follows Arthur and Merlin as they gradually developed into the legendary characters they came to be.

The Last Kingdom

This historical fiction series, The Last Kingdom, is based on the series of novels by Bernard Cornwell titled The Saxon Stories. The setting is the 9th century AD in the early stages of the Middle Ages. England then was divided into seven smaller kingdoms. The main protagonist is Uthred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymoon) who is and Anglo-Saxon raised by Danes. He has two objectives – avenge the death of his adoptive Dane father by a disgruntled Viking and to reclaim his rightful place in Beddanburg usurped by his uncle. He is torn between a loyalty to his original ancestry and his adoptive ones which has been put to the test on many occasions.

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